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Denali Peak Performance Awards 2013


This year the Department of Health and Social Services had a total of 95 nominations for the 2013 Denali Peak Performance Awards!

Six of those nominations were granted honorable mentions at the statewide level. This means that while others won the award, these individuals’ and teams’ work was so outstanding the Governor’s Committee wanted to recognize it in addition to the winners.

Congratulations to the following Health & Social Services Honorable Mentions!
Customer Service Excellence (Individual)
·         Honorable Mention         David Williams (Alaska Pioneer Homes)
·         Honorable Mention         Patricia Erickson (Health Care Services)
Customer Service Excellence (Team)
·         Honorable Mention         Kenai Peninsula Youth Facility Support Team (Juvenile Justice)
        Rose Sirois; Tom Pennington; Ella May Cooper-Waldron
·         Honorable Mention         Federal Allocation Unit (Finance & Management Services)
        Linnea Osborne; James Farley; Ling Li
Exceptional Performance (Team)
·         Honorable Mention         Fraud Control Unit Eligibility Technicians (Division of Public Assistance)
        Mike Giovanelli; Amanda Holton
·         Honorable Mention         Obesity Prevention and Control (Division of Public Health)
        Karol Fink; Ann Potempa; Diane Peck; Andrea Fenaughty; Ward B. Hurlburt, M.D.;        
        Clint Farr; HSS Public Information Team


For a complete list of all the Department of Health & Social Services Denali Peak Performance Award nominations, you can look up the nomination by last name or by division.
·         Nominations by Last Name
·         Nominations by Division
The honorees will be recognized at the 2013 Governor’s Denali Peak Performance award ceremony in Juneau at Centennial Hall, Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 2 p.m.
For more information on the Governor's Denali Peak Performance awards visit the program website: