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Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Program Plan

Your input is needed to help strengthen the behavioral health system

Public comments are now being taken for the draft FY2020-24 Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Program Plan. The comment period is open through April 12, 2019.

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The Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Program Plan is developed in partnership with DHSS, the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, and other state boards, commissions, and agencies.

The five-year plan outlines a blueprint for improving services and performance measures so that Alaskans receive comprehensive prevention, treatment, and support services at the appropriate level of care across their lifespan to lead meaningful lives in their home communities. The plan serves Alaskans who experience: mental illness, a developmental disability, chronic alcohol or drug addiction, Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia, or have experienced a traumatic brain injury. It also includes individuals that are at risk of developing these conditions.

The framework for the plan is focused around one foundational goal, along with nine other goals:

Foundational Goal: The State of Alaska will provide adequate resources and funding to support a comprehensive behavioral health service system promoting independent, healthy Alaskans so that they may live meaningful lives in communities of their choosing.

Goal 1: Programs serving young children promote resiliency, prevent and address trauma, and provide access to early intervention services, to achieve educational attainment.

Goal 2: Alaskans have access to integrated health care options that promote optimal health, wellness, and independence.

Goal 3: Trust beneficiaries have strong economic and social well-being.

Goal 4: Prevention and treatment for drug and alcohol misuse is provided through collaborative, effective, and informed strategies.

Goal 5: Individuals, families, communities, and governments take ownership to prevent suicides and self-harm in Alaska.

Goal 6: Alaskans are free from abuse, neglect, self-neglect, and exploitation.

Goal 7: The assessed needs of Trust beneficiaries are met in the least restrictive environment.

Goal 8: Support the needs of Trust beneficiaries who are in an institutional setting and ensure they have the necessary services and recovery supports to return to the community of their choice.

Goal 9: The State of Alaska has the workforce capacity, data, and technology systems in place to support the resources and funding of a Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Program.

Alaska Statute 47.30.660 requires the Department of Health and Social Services, in conjunction with the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, to develop and revise a plan for a comprehensive integrated mental health program for Alaska.