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Tribal Consultation

DHSS Tribal Liaisons 

Commissioner’s Office:
Monique Martin, Acting Deputy Commissioner
(907) 269-7848

Division of Alaska Pioneer Homes
Dayna Arnold, Sitka Pioneer Home Administrator
(907) 747-2105

Division of Behavioral Health:
Terry Roth, Medicaid Section Manager
(907) 269-7826

Division of Health Care Services:
Paola Smith, Tribal Medicaid Program Specialist
(907) 334-2428

Division of Juvenile Justice:
Lorita Clough, Rural Specialist
(907) 451-2176

Division of Office of Children’s Services:
Amelia Rivera,
(907) 465-2104

Division of Public Assistance:
Matthew Stangley, Chief of Policy & Program Development
(907) 465-5835

Division of Public Health
Sarah Yoder, Deputy Environmental Health Program Manager
(907) 269-8054

Division of Senior and Disabilities Services:
Lynne Keilman-Cruz, Acting Deputy Director
(907) 269-5606

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