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Alaska Commission on Aging
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Legislative Teleconferences

During the Alaska Legislative session, the Alaska Commission on Aging (ACoA) through the Legislative Advocacy Committee hosts teleconferences throughout the state on proposed legislation that may impact the lives of older Alaskans or their caregivers.

Our purpose for holding these teleconferences is to foster dialogue, listen to what issues are important to each community, provide information, and be an advocate for older Alaskans. The Commission's interests are intergenerational in nature.


Join the Alaska Commission on Aging for the legislative teleconferences to discuss bills of interest to seniors across the State of Alaska. 

  • Check back for dates for 2021 teleconferences
    Meetings occur 9:30 – 11 a.m. every other Thursday of the Legislative Session

Draft agendas and a legislative watch list will be available to print the day before each meeting. Please check the Commission website for updates.

Individuals who require special accommodations in order to participate should contact (907) 465-4793 at least two days prior to the teleconference with their request.

During the Legislative session, ACoA staff prepares the information for each teleconference. Updated list of bills will be available the Wednesday prior to each meeting:

Teleconference Tips

The Alaska Commission on Aging hosts audio teleconferences with a GCI "Meet-Me call

People invited to the teleconference dial 1-800-315-6338 and enter the teleconference code 3250 and then the # sign. 

Once the code and # are entered, participants will be automatically connected to the others dialing in. Typically the chair or meeting leader will conduct a roll call a minute after the appointed time for the call to begin. 


If you have trouble dialing in or have a poor connection the GCI Operator can assist. You can receive assistance any time during the call by entering *0 on your phone. For assistance with a problem call 1-800-770-2121.

Tips For a Successful Teleconference 

In order to make the call go as smoothly as possible, please keep these helpful tips in mind. 

After you are connected as a participant, please be patient with us while the remaining participants join the call. If you are accidentally disconnected, simply call back and repeat the process.

  • Please do not put your line on hold. Using the "Hold" feature can cause the bridge line to crash or inflict “hold Muzak” on the other participants.
  • If possible, use a speaker phone with the mute function activated . This prevents the disruption of background noise. If you have others with you, muting your phone also allows for discussion within your office without disturbing the rest of the call.
  • During the discussion portion of the calls, remember that we have limited time and everyone's questions, experiences and perspectives are valuable. Therefore: Please keep your remarks concise and to the point.
  • Whenever you speak, state your name such as "this is Joe in Kotzebue and I think…."