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Alaska Commission on Aging

Teleconference Tips


The Alaska Commission on Aging hosts audio teleconferences with a GCI " Meet-Me call ."
People invited to the teleconference dial 1-800-315-6338 and enter the teleconference code 3250 and then the # sign.
Once the code and # are entered, participants will be automatically connected to the others dialing in. Typically the chair or meeting leader will conduct a roll call a minute after the appointed time for the call to begin.
Help! If you have trouble dialing in or have a poor connection the GCI Operator can assist. You can receive assistance any time during the call by entering *0 on your phone. For assistance with a problem call 1-800-770-2121.

Tips For a Successful Teleconference
In order to make the call go as smoothly as possible, please keep these helpful tips in mind.
After you are connected as a participant, please be patient with us while the remaining participants join the call. If you are accidentally disconnected, simply call back and repeat the process.

During the Teleconference:

    • Please do not put your line on hold. Using the "Hold" feature can cause the bridge line to crash or inflict “hold Muzak” on the other participants.
    • If possible, use a speaker phone with the mute function activated . This prevents the disruption of background noise. If you have others with you, muting your phone also allows for discussion within your office without disturbing the rest of the call.
    • During the discussion portion of the calls, remember that we have limited time and everyone's questions, experiences and perspectives are valuable. Therefore: Please keep your remarks concise and to the point.
    • Whenever you speak, state your name such as "this is Joe in Kotzebue and I think…."

If you have colleagues to participate with you on the call, if possible, have everyone in the same room with you . Seat people as close to the phone as possible so that their comments are easier for others to hear during the discussion.