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ACoA White House Conference on Aging Plan and Activities

Commission on Aging Submits Resolutions to
White House Conference on Aging

As the culmination of a lengthy process of gathering statewide input, the Alaska Commission on Aging submitted a list of 28 resolutions to the 2005 White House Conference on Aging Policy Committee on September 30, 2005. The resolutions were developed by the ACoA’s Planning Committee with the participation of the Alaska delegates to the White House Conference on Aging . Based on the recommendations of hundreds of participants in statewide community forums held by the Commission on Aging during the first half of 2005, the resolutions also reflected the priorities expressed by the 1,456 respondents to the ACoA’s statewide survey of senior concerns.

The White House Conference on Aging Policy Committee plans to combine the resolutions they receive from all sources to create between 75 and 100 resolutions based on the following criteria: the most frequently proposed, the greatest impact on the senior population, and applicability to the baby boomer generation. These resolutions and accompanying issue papers will be forwarded to delegates approximately six weeks before the Conference, which takes place in Washington, DC on December 11-14, 2005. At the Conference, delegates will attend discussion sessions reflecting many of the most popular topics, and will vote electronically to select the top 50 resolutions, which will be included in the final report of the Conference to the President and Congress.

The White House Conference on Aging is held approximately every ten years to develop policy recommendations on aging issues for the nation for the upcoming decade. Previous White House conferences on aging were held in 1961, 1971, 1985, and 1995. Alaska sent delegates to each of these conferences.

The theme of this year’s Conference is “The Booming Dynamics of Aging: From Awareness to Action.” In addition to addressing the concerns of today’s seniors, the Conference will have a mandated focus on planning for the 76 million baby boomers who will begin to reach retirement age during the next ten years.

In preparation for the 2005 White House Conference on Aging, the Alaska Commission on Aging sponsored forums in a number of Alaska communities to gather input on significant senior issues from community members. Discussion topics included Health and Long-Term Care, Financial Security, Community Resources, and Social Well-Being. For each topic, participants broke into small groups to develop recommendations; each group highlighted its top suggestion. Several other groups also sponsored community events based on a blueprint packet of information provided by the ACoA. Recommendations from all events were combined in a list that sorted them by whether they pertained to federal, state, local/regional, individual/family, all, or other levels of responsibility.

A selection of the suggestions relating to federal responsibilities were developed into the 28 resolutions submitted to the White House Conference. Recommendations relating to state responsibilities will be utilized during the ACoA’s development process for the State Plan for Services. Communities are encouraged to review the recommendations for local and regional responsibilities for ideas on how to improve their responsiveness to seniors as well.

Former Governor Murkowski's Response to WHCOA

Read the Community Reports:
Juneau Community Forum, February 25, 2005 (PDF, 345 kb)
Fireweed Place Community Forum, Juneau, March 29, 2005 (PDF, 117 kb)
Anchorage Community Forum, April 22, 2005 (PDF, 295 kb)
Matanuska-Susitna Community Forum, May 29, 2005 (PDF, 264 kb)
Fairbanks Community Forum (including pre-event gatherings) June 3, 2005 (PDF, 309 kb)
Kodiak Community Forum, June 9, 2005 (PDF, 63 kb)