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Alaska Health Care Commission

About the Commission

The Alaska Health Care Commission was established in 2010 under AS 18.09.010 with the passage of Senate Bill 172 to serve as the state health planning and coordinating body, responsible for providing recommendations to the governor and the legislature on a comprehensive statewide health care policy and on strategies for improving the health of Alaskans. In 2014 the legislature extended the Commission’s sunset date by three years to June 30, 2017. In 2015 the legislature defunded the Commission, and it is no longer active.

Representation on the Commission is designated in AS 18.09.020, and voting members are appointed by the Governor to three-year terms.

The Alaska Health Care Commission was first established by Governor Palin on December 4, 2008 under Administrative Order #246. The original Commission met during 2009, producing a report on their findings and recommendations in January 2010. The Commission created under A.O. #246 terminated with the production of that report.

For updates on the status of Commission member appointments and plans for upcoming meetings join the Commission's listserv or visit this site periodically.