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Application Forms

    The Alaska Pioneer Homes waitlist is broken down into “active” and “inactive” branches.

    The active waitlist is for those who are ready to enter a Pioneer Home of their choice within 30 days of receiving an admissions offer. The inactive waitlist is for those applicants interested in moving into a Pioneer Home at some point in the future. *Note* There is no penalty for staying on the inactive waitlist. There is no limit on transferring between the two branches of the waitlist.

How to Submit Completed Documents

  • Mail: Alaska Pioneer Homes – Central Office
    PO Box 110690,
    Juneau, AK 99811-0690

  • Fax: (907) 465-4108
  • Deliver: To  the Juneau Central Office (State Office Building) or at any of the Pioneer Homes across the state

Waitlist Forms

    • Active Waitlist Application Packet

      Forms included in packet:
      • Waitlist Application
      • Copy of Proof of Age
      • Certificate of Need form
      • History & Physical form
      • As applicable - copy of Power of Attorney paperwork