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February 2019

Ketchikan Pioneer Home Employee Success Story
The Ketchikan Pioneer Home has recently celebrated a particularly sweet success with one of their very own certified nurse aides (CNA).

Last year the Ketchikan Pioneer Home worked with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) to employ a new team member that was receiving services through DVR. Roberta Blair was living in transitional housing and is legally blind. Although some did not see an opportunity for Roberta at the Ketchikan Pioneer Home, Administrator Julie Sande saw the potential in employing her.

Roberta has not only grown to be a successful member of the team but is loved and adored by elders and staff alike. She has completed the certified nurse aide training and has become a full time CNA at the Ketchikan Pioneer Home.

For further details on Roberta Blair’s story, check out this letter written by the Ketchikan Pioneer Home Administrator Julie Sande to her counterpart at the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Valentine's Day at the Ketchikan Pioneer Home
February 14 is a special holiday for the residents of the Ketchikan Pioneer Home. View and read more...

AKPH celebrates National Activity Professionals’ Week
National Activity Professionals Week is an annual event sponsored by the National Association of Activity Professionals as a time to honor and recognize the dedicated individuals who help bring life, laughter, joy and stimulation to their facilities. View and read more...

January 2019

Fairbanks local living legend, Urban Rahoi, celebrates 100th year birthday.
Mr. Rahoi gains statewide notoriety on the Alaska Senate floor and an article in the local newspaper. View and read more...

December 2018

Alaska Pioneer Homes Serve Family Recipes
At the Alaska Pioneer Homes, the residents are the heart of the home, and nothing is more important than assuring each elder feels that sense of home. One of the many ways the division and Nana Management Services (NMS) work together to accomplish that is through the kitchen. Few things in life possess the ability to bring forth warm memories and fond feelings quite like food, especially those involving long-standing family recipes.

77th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Let’s take time today on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor to honor our Alaska Pioneer Home residents who served in World War II.

12/5/2018  Earthquake Update
Dear family and friends, as verification the Anchorage Pioneer Home and Alaska Veterans and Pioneers Home buildings have been inspected and are safe for occupancy. All residents continue to be well and safe. You can find out about the latest road and infrastructure updates by following the hashtag #AlaskaEarthquake on Facebook or Twitter​, and you can visit for all Alaska DOT updates.

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Rate Increase effective April 1, 2017

          Level I:   $2,588.00/month

          Level II:  $4,692.00/month

          Level III: $6,795.00/month

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