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Bartlett Regional Hospital Mental Health Unit

Bartlett Regional Hospital is located in Juneau, Alaska and is a city owned hospital that provides medical and psychiatric services to Southeast Alaska. The Mental Health Unit also accepts patients from other areas of Alaska beyond southeast to help meet the psychiatric needs of those who are unable to receive inpatient services closer to home. The Mental Health Unit is a 12 bed locked unit accepting both voluntary and involuntary adult patients of any gender. The Mental Health Unit treats patients with acute episodes of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression or other psychiatric symptoms and illnesses that may lead to the increased risk of harm and require 24 hour monitoring.  Due to the design of our unit, its staffing structure and location, we are unable to accept patients with a known diagnosis of dementia (major neurocognitive disorder), developmental delay, or need for specialty medical care. Our psychiatrist considers the patient’s history, current medical and psychiatric status and acuity of our unit when deciding whether a patient is able to be accepted for treatment. Our priority is the provision of safe, effective and evidence-based interdisciplinary care.

The unit is staffed with a Psychiatrist, Registered Nurses, Behavioral Health Associates, Recreation Coordinators, a Therapist and a Social Work Case Manager to help provide integrated care for the patients who are admitted to the unit. Patients are evaluated daily by a Psychiatrist who works with the team to diagnose, treat and determine readiness for discharge to a less restrictive level of care. The length of stay on the unit is variable and averages from 5 to 8 days.

Bartlett Regional Hospital, exterior

 Facility Details:
​    3250 Hospital Drive
Juneau, AK  99801

(907) 796-8430
(907) 796-8439
Program Type:
Psychiatric Inpatient
Age Range:
​Length of Stay:
​Variable based on patient need, average length of stay is between 5 and 8 days
​Bartlett Regional Hospital Mental Health Unit