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Prevention & Early Intervention


  • Anchorage Joint Coalitions Request for Proposals: The Anchorage Joint Coalitions (AJC) made up of the Anchorage Youth Development Coalition, Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol and Spirit of Youth, is seeking a Contractor to conduct an assessment to evaluate behavioral health indicators and related demographic, social, economic, and environmental factors pertaining to youth and young adults aged 9-24 in Anchorage, Alaska. Findings of the Community Behavioral Health Assessment will be used to determine behavioral health priorities concerning mental health, substance use, and suicide for youth and young adults in Anchorage. Submission deadline December 11th, 2014. Click HERE to review the RFP.  Contact for more information.


  • State of Alaska Epidemiologic Profile on Substance Use, Abuse and Dependency:  Consumption and Consequences. Update 2013.

    The Epidemiology Workgroup of the Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant has just released the Update 2013 of their comprehensive review of substance use data for the State of Alaska.  To obtain a copy click here. 

Talk they hear you logoNew media campaign to help parents talk to younger children about the dangers of underage drinking. “Talk. They Hear You.” a new national public service announcement (PSA) campaign that empowers parents to talk to children as young as nine years old about the dangers of underage drinking was recently launched by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).  For copies of all the campaign materials go to:


""Alaska’s Strategies to Prevent Underage   Drinking is an update of the 2009 publication  on preventing underage drinking.  These  recommendations are an overview of what  existing literature describes as being effective.  The specific actions are items the committee believes are possible to implement in the next three years.  Increasing the use of these recommendations and specific actions will help to build a stronger foundation in the statewide effort to prevent underage drinking.

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