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Resiliency & Youth Development Program

The Resiliency Youth Development Program focuses on cross-disciplinary strategies to prevent substance abuse, tobacco, suicide, teen pregnancy, delinquency and school failure. The Program emphasizes the positive qualities and behaviors needed for youth to become healthy, successful, and responsible.

A holistic vision of teen health is maintained as outreach extends to programs and services statewide.

The Resiliency Youth Development Program:

Recognizes that adolescence is a distinct developmental stage and strategies must be tailored to the different ages, by gender and ethnic backgrounds of youth.

Assumes that effective prevention efforts must include: reducing Risk Factors and increasing Developmental Assets, Resilient Qualities, and Protective Factors associated with adolescent problem behaviors.

Acknowledges that young people who are problem free (e.g. alcohol/drug free) are not automatically fully prepared to take on the responsibilities of adulthood. To that end our efforts must include a focus on positive youth development strategies.

Uses the state Adolescent Health Plan and the Developmental Assets framework as a guide for delivery of all services and programs.

Program responsibilities include:

1) Technical Assistance & Resources

2) Professional and Public Education

3) Advisory and Liaison Responsibilities