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Alaska Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant


Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is composed of a multidisciplinary core group of agencies dealing with, or impacted by, alcohol-related issues.  The role of the Alaska SPF SIG Advisory Council is to guide and oversee the Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant. In addition, beyond the SPF SIG, the Advisory Council will continue its work as a central focus to provide leadership to Alaska’s efforts to reduce and prevent substance use and its unhealthy and costly consequences.

The Advisory Council is involved in all aspects of the SPF SIG, including coordination with project staff, community grantees and other entities working toward similar outcomes.

The importance of the Advisory Council is to advise, guide and assist in developing a quality substance use prevention structure for Alaska and its communities; a structure that will enhance and expand our existing prevention programs incorporating broad multidisciplinary participation.

The Advisory Council meets regularly the fourth Friday of each month through a combination of venues such as teleconferences, in-person meetings and subcommittee assignments. Melissa Stone, Director of the Division of Behavioral Health, is the Chair of the SPF SIG Advisory Council.

Archive of Advisory Council's Meeting Mintues

Advisory Council Membership

  • Peggy Brown
    Executive Director
    Alaska Network on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
  • Delisa Culpepper
    Chief Operating Officer
    Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority
  • Anna Fairclough
    Alaska House of Representatives
    State Representative
  • Kathy Graves, Ph.D
    Director, BH and Rural Services
    Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortiu
  • Mike Lesmann
    Special Staff Assistant
    Office of the Governor
  • Steven King (Ad Hoc)
    Criminal Justice Planner
    Department of Corrections
    Division of Institutions
  • John Moller
    Rural Advisor
    Office of the Governor
  • Cristy Willer
    Director of Planning & Infrastructure Development
    Tribal SPF SIG grantee
    Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Inc
  • Jesse Metzger
    Research Assistant
    University of Alaska Anchorage Behavioral Health Research
  • Stephanie Zidek-Chandler
    Project Officer
    SAMHSA,Center for Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Kathy Allely
    DHSS, Division of Public Health
    Section Chief
    Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
  • Donn Bennice, Ph.D.
    Alaska Family Services
  • Kate Burkhart
    Executive Director
    Advisory Board on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse (ABADA) and
    Alaska Mental Health Board (AMHB)
  • L. Diane Casto, MPA
    SPF SIG Project Director
    Manager, Prevention & Early Intervention Services
  • Cynthia Curran
    Director, Teaching & Learning Supports
    Dept. of Education & Early Development
  • Johnny Ellis
    Alaska State Senate
    State Senator
  • Shirley Cote
    DPS, Alcohol Beverage Control Board
  • Karen Forresst
    DHSS, Division of Juvenile Justice
    McLaughlin Youth Center
  • Kimberlee Jones  (Ad Hoc)
    Behavioral Health Director
    Tanana Chiefs Conference
    Tribal SPF SIG
  • Shirley Pittz
    Program Officer
    OCS, Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems
  • June Sobocinski
    United Way of Anchorage
    Vice President,
    Community Action
  • Devon Lewis (Staff)
    DHSS, Division of Behavioral Health
    SPF SIG Project Assistant
    Prevention & Early Intervention Services