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Adolescent Residential Center for Help (ARCH)

The Adolescent Residential Center for Help (ARCH) is an ASAM level 3.5 medium intensity residential substance use treatment program. ARCH serves youth ages 13-18 struggling with substance use and co-occurring disorders.  The length of stay is tailored to the needs of each youth based on initial and on-going assessment. ARCH offers an array of services including substance use counseling and psychotherapy for youth and their families, psychological testing and evaluation, and psychiatric services. In addition, we have an onsite nurse practitioner to address physical wellness and support in pharmacological management. To support client’s with their scholastic standing we offer an onsite Anchorage School District program, McKinley Heights High School. Most importantly, we provide programming to support youth in identifying replacement culture activities such as music, sports, the arts, outdoor activities and sober parties.  Overall, we are program passionate about helping youth and their families break free from the chains of addiction through uplifting the human spirit!

Adolescent Residential Center for Help 

 Facility Details:
​   8012 Stewart Mountain Dr
Eagle River, AK 99577
Care level :
ASAM Level 3.5
Age Range :
Gender(s) :
Beds :
Length of stay :
2-7 Months
Contact Information:
Kathy Ensign
Clinical Director of ARCH
Phone: (907) 694-3336
Direct: (907) 689-1544
Fax: (907) 694-8840

Website: Volunteers of America