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Fahrenkamp Center: Residential Diagnostic Treatment Center (RDT)

The Fahrenkamp Center provides services to children both male and female ages 10 up to the 18th birthday who are experiencing a severe emotional disturbance and are at high risk of residential placement for the treatment of mental illness outside of Alaska.

The maximum number of children that can be admitted to the program at one time is nine. The length of stay for children admitted to the program is expected to range from 30 to 360 days. The State of Alaska, Office of Children’s Services has exclusive use of four beds, and five beds are available for referrals from other agencies and families.

 House Details:
1423 Peger Road,
Fairbanks, Ak
Type of House:
Residential Diagnostic Treatment Program
Care level :
Age Range :
6-18 years
Gender(s) :
Beds :
Staff to Client Ratio :
Length of stay :
30 to 360 days
Contact Information:
Erica Dillard
Acting, RDT Director
1423 Peger Rd.
Fairbanks, AK 99709
(907) 456-7010