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Policies & Procedures

This page contains Policies and Procedures as well as Statutes and Regulations that affect the Division of Behavioral Health.



You can view the completed Notice of Use of Private Health Care Information, the HIPAA policies and procedures and other information at this link.

Mental Health

ATTENTION: Provider Business Office Managers and Alaska Medicaid Billers:

New Billing Rules for Group Services

Effective on and after August 7, 2009. Claims will be processed under new rules.

Use this link for information.


Performance Measures

Inpatient Standards and Eligibility Manual for DES/DET reimbursement

Medicaid Regulations including recent changes

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Reduced MH file checklist and medical necessity item checklist

Statutes. Administrative Code & Regulations

Substance Abuse

Title 7 AAC 43.005 -18. Substance Abuse Rehabilitative Services

Health Care Services

Title 7 AAC 43.005 - Division of Health Care Services Administrative Provisions. Includes direct links to these Articles: 2. Physician Services, 3. Long-Term Care - Intermediate Care Facilities and Skilled Nursing Facilities, 4. Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded or Persons with Related Conditions, Hospital Services, 6. Children's Services, 7. Mental Health Services, 8. Authorization of Mental Health Rehabilitation Services, 9. Medical Transportation Services, 10. Inpatient Psychiatric Services, 11. Prescribed Drugs and Medical Supplies, 12. Dental Services, 15. Mental Health Clinic Services,16. Rates for Mental Health Services, 17. Mental Health Rehabilitation Services, 18. Substance Abuse Rehabilitative Services, 19.Consumer-Directed and Agency-Based Personal Care Services, 20. Home Health Care Services, 22. Rural Health Clinic Services, 23. Federally Qualified Health Centers, 28. Home and Community-Based Waiver Services Program, 29. Telemedicine Applications


Statutes, Administrative Codes and Regulations

AS 44.29.020 - The Department of Health and Social Services shall administer the state programs of public health and social services...


AS 47.30.051 - 47.30.056 - Submissions requiring use of Trust money.


47.30.580. Comprehensive Services and Sec. 47.30.590. Patient rights and the confidential nature of records and information.

Article 6 State Mental Health Policy - purpose, rights, powers and duties of department,

Article 7 Alaska Mental Health Board

Chapter 47 AS 12.47.010 - 12.47.130 Insanity and Competency to Stand Trial

Chapter 47.31. Mental Health Treatment Assistance Program - Eligibility, rates, payment, appeals

Title 7 - AAC Alaska Administrative Code - Health and Social Services

Title 7 Part 5 AAC Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities

7 AAC 71 grant regs apply to a community mental health center receiving financial assistance - thru 7AAC 71.405

Chapter 72 Civil Commitment - 7 AAC 72.010 - 7 AAC 75.020

Chapter 78. Grant Programs

Licensing Professionals

AS 18.20. Regulation of Hospitals

AS 18 - Health Safety and Housing