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​Message from our CEO

Ronald B. Hale, MBA, HSM
Chief Executive Officer

3700 Piper Street
Anchorage, Alaska

Phone: (907) 269-7100
Fax: (907) 269-7251

The likelihood of recovery from mental illness is no longer a dream, but a probable outcome for those who actively develop an individualized recovery plan. For many it starts at the API-Alaska Recovery Center in an environment that can support the dreams and hopes of those with mental illness.

Recovery is our goal – for individuals to “Choose-Get-Keep” independent roles in the community of their choice. Consultation with individuals and providers before admission, patient care and family involvement at API, and follow up with local providers after discharge, are a vital part of our collective daily actions.

From traditional psychiatric inpatient services with psycho-education and evidence-based practices to pre-vocational opportunities and telehealth, API represents Alaska’s dedication and commitment to serving our citizens.

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