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There is a Meaningful Opportunity to Work as a Case Manager for Individuals Who Have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder!
·         The State of Alaska, Division of Behavioral Health is looking for Bachelor or Masters level practitioners who have experience in the field of mental health, developmental disabilities, special education, diagnostic services, or a medical context.
·         The case management is open to communities.  You can apply as long as you collaborate with a diagnostic team.
·         This is not a State of Alaska job.  Case Managers will work with the state under a Provider Agreement, which functions much like a contract.
·         Case Managers are reimbursed $64.00 an hour for the Case Management services they provide for others. 
·         Case Managers can set their own hours and can take in a caseload up to seven clients but can serve fewer clients at the case managers needs.    
 For more information, contact, Genevieve Casey at 907-465-4984. 
Please pass this on to other people who may be interested!