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FASALASKA is an internet listserver that provides ongoing information and support for parents and professionals living and working with children and adolescents with fetal alcohol related conditions, with a focus on Alaska. It is an open support group moderated by parents. To join this listserve, send an e-mail message to and write subscribe in the body of the message.


FASLink is an internet "listserver" providing an ongoing forum for discussions about fetal alcohol syndrome/effects and related topics.

Its members include birth parents, adoptive parents, foster parents, adults with FASD/E, advocates, paraprofessionals, and professionals from a variety of disciplines. In addition, it has international participation from Canada, the United States, Mexico, South Africa, France, Australia and others.

Daily topics include education, medications, daily struggles, systems issues, diagnosis, intervention and support.

To join FASLINK send an e-mail message to: and in the body of the message type ‘subscribe faslink’ (without the quotes). Do not attach a signature or any other comments, because the listserve will try to interpret the other words as a command. To send a message to the whole list, address the message to .

You will then receive a welcome message notifying you that you have been added to the discussion group "list." A copy of each message sent to the list will then be forwarded to your e-mail address.