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DHSS/AHFC 811 Permanent Supportive Housing Program

DHSS is pleased to announce a successful partnership application with AHFC for the new HUD 811 program for development of 200 units of Permanent Supportive Housing. The goals of the 811 program are to create more efficient and effective uses of housing and health care resources and to substantially increase integrated affordable rental housing units for extremely low income persons with disabilities within existing, new, or rehabilitated multifamily properties with a mix of incomes and disability status. Please visit the program page for more information.
Alaska's economic environment creates challenges for low income or disabled residents to rent affordable units across the state. While AHFC and DHSS have a long partnership serving the housing needs of individuals with disabilities in the State of Alaska, a consistent lack of rental subsidies and enhanced community-based support services have been identified as the most needed resource to transition individuals into more integrated community-based settings. Supportive housing combines affordable housing with support services to promote recovery and self-sufficiency and has been used as a tool to improve care, improve health, and lower health care costs for people who face some of the most significant barriers to housing and health care. When affordable housing and support services are in place, individuals utilize fewer social and emergency services over time and results in healthier Alaskans.
For this new program, DHSS has agreed to re-allocate funding to provide $5.1 million in support services and rental subsidies to match $7.7 million in HUD funding for this program over the next 5 years. By moving individuals into lower-cost and more integrated settings, this program will demonstrate savings to the state. The target population for this program will be individuals who are currently residing in assisted living care paid by state general funds and are appropriate candidates for permanent supportive housing. DHSS will oversee community service providers to conduct outreach and intake services to locate and engage participants for the program.
This program will facilitate and sustain an effective and successful partnership between AHFC and DHSS to provide permanent housing with the availability of supportive services for extremely low-income persons with disabilities.
Please check back to learn more as this program is implemented, beginning in late 2015.
Susan Musante, Integrated Housing & Services Unit Supervisor
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