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The Alaska Medicaid Coordinated Care Initiative Is Here to Help

The Division of Health Care Services (Division) is proud to announce an exciting new program, the Alaska Medicaid Coordinated Care Initiative (AMCCI). The new voluntary program will provide one-on-one case management services including care coordination, scheduling appointments, addressing barriers, and referrals to specialists and social service supports.

Do you know someone like Jenny and her mom? Jenny has juvenile diabetes. Jenny's mom moves around a lot. Sometimes they don't know where to go for check-ups or to get her medication. The hospital is nearby. Jenny's mom takes her to the emergency room when she feels sick.
Though Jenny’s story is an illustration, our hospitals regularly receive visits from Medicaid patients with similar complexities. With this new program, the Division can help patients like Jenny and her mother find a doctor's office or clinic to better monitor and manage her health needs wherever they live. If you know a patient who may benefit from this program, please complete the Member Referral form linked to this website.
The AMCCI is designed to assist Alaska Medicaid members who need help navigating the health care system and can benefit from case management services, including care coordination.

The Division seeks to work closely with the medical and social service community to support and help coordinate care for patients with complex medical—and often social—issues. Because these patients may have trouble navigating the health care system, they may become frequent utilizers of the hospital emergency room for issues that may be better treated in a primary care setting. Helping these patients gain the ability to navigate and appropriately utilize the health care system and take control of their health, with the guidance of primary care providers and case managers, can make a dramatic impact on their well-being and on overall health care costs.

The primary objective of the AMCCI is to promote quality, cost effective health outcomes by ensuring that coordinated medical services are provided in the most appropriate setting. Other goals include focusing on prevention and enhanced integration of primary medical care and behavioral health services. And most importantly, the AMCCI hopes to make a difference by improving the health and quality of life for members like Jenny.


During the summer of 2013 Alaska was one of six states and one territory (Colorado, Kentucky, New Mexico, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Puerto Rico) selected by the National Governor’s Association (NGA) to develop an action plan to serve Medicaid members to ensure that their health care needs are met efficiently and cost-effectively. 

In order to better assure appropriate use of medical services, improved health outcomes, and to better control increasing Medicaid costs, the State Division of Health Care Services is undertaking this 24-month project. The Alaska Medicaid Coordinated Care Initiative will provide case management and care coordination for this group.

The Division’s Quality Assurance team issued an RFP for case management services and the contract was awarded in November 2014 to MedExpert International, Inc. MedExpert began providing case management services on December 22 and started making calls to AMCCI members.

Learn more about MedExpert.