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We are excited to announce that we now have two partners providing services to AMCCI members. In addition to MedExpert, DHCS recently contracted with Qualis Health to provide support to selected AMCCI members.

Learn more about MedExpert
                           Learn more about Qualis

Alaska Medicaid Coordinated Care Initiative (AMCCI)


About the Initiative

The Division of Health Care Services (Division) is proud to announce an exciting new program, the Alaska Medicaid Coordinated Care Initiative (AMCCI). The new voluntary program will provide one-on-one case management services including care coordination, scheduling appointments, addressing barriers, and referrals to specialists and social service supports.

With this new program, the Division can help patients find a doctor's office or clinic to better monitor and manage their health needs wherever they live. If you know a patient who may benefit from this program, please complete the Member Referral form linked to this website.

Feedback Opportunity

We welcome your feedback. Your comments will assist the Division as we continue our work to improve the program.

Member Referral

We encourage our community stakeholders to refer members to the AMCCI. Your referrals will assist the Division identify members that may benefit from the AMCCI services.