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Health Care Services

The Division of Health Care Services provides access and oversight to the full range of appropriate Medicaid health care services to all eligible Alaskans in need. These services include but are not limited to hospitals, physicians, pharmacy, dental, vision, durable medical equipment, and transportation. The division also has the responsibility for protecting Alaska’s most vulnerable populations, through its certification and licensing sections. 

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Vitamin D is important for strong bones and may contribute to overall good health. Alaskans should select foods that are high in vitamin D, such as Alaska salmon, and should talk with their health care provider about vitamin D and the risks and benefits of supplementation.


  • Warning - A phone number that was once used for the Denali KidCare program is now being used to ask people for their credit card number in order to win a prize. The phone number related to this activity is 888-318-8890. This is not a State of Alaska government phone number. People should not call this number or give out Medicaid or credit card information.​​

  • Alaska Medicaid Annual Report SFY2015

  • Xerox Corrective Action Plan

Our Mission

To provide health coverage to Alaskans in need.

Our Vision

  • Quality health care will be available to all Alaskans
  • We will advocate for health coverage that promotes the optimal health status for all Alaskans
  • We will be an innovative leader in Alaska health care
  • We will be known for our excellent customer service
  • Our performance and reputation will attract providers to our health plan
  • As a major purchaser of health care we will invest in a strong Alaskan health care system

Our values

  • The people we serve
  • Good health
  • Our employees
  • Prudent use of resources
  • Quality service
  • Success in all we do
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