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Background Checks

Criminal Background Check text 
Background checks are required on all individuals associated with the facilities as defined in the Criminal Background Check Regulations below.
All background check applications must go through the Department’s Background Check Unit (BCU), Certification & Licensing, Division of Health Care Services

Background Check Statutes and Regulations:

Background Check Statutes:
The current statute governing the background checks system used by the Department of Health and Social Services is AS 47.05.300–47.05.390.
Background Check Regulations:
The current regulation which provides a common, consistent definition of barrier conditions for all programs 7 AAC 10.9​00-7 AAC 10.990​.

Background Variance Request

Individuals: In the event you receive notification form the background unit stating you have been issued a “Not Eligible” determination a variance request may be submitted.  Either you or your current or proposed employer may submit a variance request. If you want to apply for a variance online, you​ can go to the Alaska Background Check Unit. You may also request a paper copy of the application from your employer or form the Variance Committee by contacting (907) 334-4475 or​.
Facilities: Facilities who wish to request a variance for an employee who has a barrier crime must fill out the above form and submit it and all additional required documentation to the State Agency. Only licensed entities may submit request for a variance.
Basic instructions for Variance Continuation Request:
  1. If the previously approved variance is needed for a new facility, complete a new background check with any fees and/or fingerprints required to ensure variance continuation is required. Upon receiving notification that a barrier remains, email and​ the completed Variance Continuation Review Form.
  2. If you are requesting a variance extension for the same facility, email and​ the completed Variance Continuation Review Form.
Following a review, the facility will be sent a letter with the determination.
If you need further information you may contact HFL&C at (907) 334-2483.