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Changes to Medicaid Non-Emergent Travel Program

Beginning March 1, 2006 changes to Medicaid Non-Emergent Travel Program will be implemented. The Freedom of Choice waiver was approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid so all non-emergent air travel will be booked with preferred providers.

Health care providers will still call Xerox State Healthcare (907) 644-6800 (option 1) or toll-free: (800) 770-5650 (option 1, 1). for a prior authorization. When travel is approved, health care providers or Medicaid recipients must call the State Travel Office at 1-800-514-7123 to book approved travel. The State Travel Office will select an air carrier that is under contract with the State of Alaska. Choice of air carrier or changes to travel will not be permitted without authorization from Medicaid.

  • Medicaid will continue to cover medically necessary travel
  • The process for Medivac will not change

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For more information:

Health Care providers may call Provider Inquiry at 644-6800 or 1-800-770-5650

Medicaid beneficiaries may call the Helpline at 1-800-780-9972.