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Juvenile Justice

COVID-19 announcements

On July 6, 2020, the Division of Juvenile Justice will lift the suspension of visitation in our facilities in three phases. Our statewide probation offices will also be resuming some field and office visits.

We will update any suspension of visitation due to quarantine or advancement to a next level of visitation on our website as soon as reasonably possible. Please note that we do not have real time access to update the webpage.

Visitation phase status by unit

The most current visitation phase of each of our units is:
  • Bethel Youth Facility Detention – Phase I
  • Bethel Youth Facility Treatment – Phase I
  • Fairbanks Youth facility Detention – Phase I
  • Fairbanks Youth Facility Treatment – Phase I
  • Johnson Youth Center Detention (Juneau) – Phase I
  • Johnson Youth Center Girls Treatment (Juneau) – Phase I
  • Kenai Peninsula Regional Facility – Phase I
  • Mat-Su Youth Facility – Phase I
  • McLaughlin Youth Center (Anchorage) Suspended, further review on 8/11/20