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Nome Youth Facility

Nome Youth Facility

The fourteen-bed Nome Youth Facility serves the northwest region of Alaska, including the twenty-eight villages surrounding Nome and Kotzebue. The staff here continue to be adaptive and inventive in their work. Although the facility was not designed for long-term detention placements, the unique needs of this remote region and the effectiveness of detaining offenders close to home have led to the development of a facility that can provide long-term detention holds on a limited basis when necessary and advantageous to the Division.

This unconventional detention program finds the youthful offenders out in the community for a variety of reasons.  At a minimum, staff and residents are out five times per week performing scheduled community service.  City wide beautification is done by residents planting flowers in the spring time and picking up trash throughout the year.  We are also called on frequently for other service to include such things as snow removal, setting up/cleaning up for various social events, and assisting elders with fish camp cleanup.

Physical fitness takes place at the local recreation center , swimming pool, and local outdoor parks.  Fishing trips, camping, bike rides, hikes and ice fishing are among the outdoor activities.  Social interaction takes place at the local Boys and Girls Club.  The staff takes a very therapeutic approach to building competencies to prevent future crime.  There are nine scheduled therapeutic groups weekly with an occasional guest adding additional groups.

A full-time Mental Health Clinician on staff provides professional therapy meeting with each resident at least once per week and up to daily for those in crisis.  The approach taken in this facility is that the only thing holding us back from being better is our own initiative and creativity.  Staff are encouraged to exercise both.

Employment at NYF

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