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2007 Year in Review

A Letter from the Director
of Juvenile Justice

Alaska has one of the best juvenile justice systems in the country. The Alaska Division of Juvenile Justice, within the Department of Health and Social Services, is at the forefront of a number of initiatives: reducing disproportionate minority contact ; implementing cutting-edge transitional services for juveniles leaving secure treatment; Aggression Replacement Training for youth on probation and in juvenile facilities; and implementing quality assurance and performance-based standards into aspects of our work with youth and families. These changes can be attributed to energetic leadership and an adaptable, capable staff that champions excellence and holds as core values responsiveness, accountability and objective decision-making.

The following links will provide you with highlights of our work and includes references for additional resources. Or you can contact us directly; we are always eager to tell people about our work with youth.

Steve McComb, Director  

Steve McComb

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