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Reintegration Services

“Working to enhance partnerships that will give juveniles skills and alternatives to lives of crime.”  

The division’s commitment to delivering re-entry services to youth after treatment program completion continues through the work of a group of reintegration employees throughout the state. The program is designed to prepare each institutionalized youth for a gradual and successful re-entry into the community from the time he or she is institutionalized. The Youth Level of Services/Case Management Inventory assessment instrument is used to identify specific individual need and areas of risk. Examples of services include: a job-ready group; Boys and Girls Club Targeted Re-entry program; school district re-entry coordination; relapse prevention; rural re-entry coordination; and intensive community coordination.

Juvenile Justice has recently developed a partnership with the Alaska Workforce Investment Board of the Department of Labor that seeks to bring more juveniles into contact with local job centers to develop and fund vocational skills development programs.

Juvenile Justice and the Interior Alaska Career Academy through the University of Alaska Fairbanks Tanana Valley Campus, in partnership with the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District and University of Alaska Workforce Development , offer career exploration classes to Juvenile Justice youth who want to expand their opportunities and learn about technical fields in high-growth, high-demand areas that can lead to successful career opportunities. The classes are intensive 43-hour courses that combine computer work, textbook, and hands-on instruction. Not only do the students earn high school credit, they also earn college credit simultaneously.

During the summer of 2007 several McLaughlin Youth Center residents, under the guidance and supervision of maintenance staff member Paul Arns, built a traditional sweat lodge for use by McLaughlin residents.

 McLaughlin Youth Center Sweat Lodge Project  

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