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We are a Restorative Justice agency

The mission of the Division of Juvenile Justice:

  • Hold juvenile offenders accountable for their behavior.
  • Promote the safety and restoration of victims and communities.
  • Assist offenders and their families in developing skills to prevent crime.

The Core Values that guide us on this mission are:

  • Accountability – holding ourselves accountable to our mission, our communities, and our budget; holding youth accountable for their actions and for the restoration of victims.
  • Responsiveness – timely response to youth, families, victims, staff, and justice partners; being open and responsive to our communities, and encouraging their involvement and collaboration; having the flexibility to adapt to changing needs, expectations and resources.
  • Objective decision-making – using all available resources to make decisions related to our clients and their victims, our staff, and our agency; ensuring that our decisions are guided by a clear understanding of what our data says about our practices, client needs, available resources, research findings, and standards for best practice.
  • Maximizing potential – in our clients by believing in their ability to grow and change, and  providing targeted services to assist in that process; in our staff by promoting training and professional development; in our system by striving for continuous improvement; and of our resources by ensuring they are appropriately allocated and fully utilized.
  • Integrity – maintaining personal honesty; honoring our commitments; holding ourselves to high professional and ethical standards; demanding of ourselves at least as much as we ask or expect of others.
  • Relationships – recognizing that successful efforts with our clients,  our coworkers, victims, and other stakeholders are contingent upon positive, respectful, collaborative relationships and a spirit of inclusiveness; nurturing relationships by treating others the way we would like to be treated.
  • Respect – for diversity, cultural beliefs, and the inherent value of each person’s unique strengths and individual differences; recognition that everyone has something to offer; a spirit of humility and an acknowledgement that viewpoints different than our own are worthy of consideration; treating others with respect even when they do not do the same.
  • Commitment – having a belief in the value of our mission and the tasks that support it; striving for continuous professional development; modeling leadership at all levels of our agency; doing the right things for the right reasons, despite adversity and setbacks; caring enough to do our best work.

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