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Anchorage Probation Services
C/O McLaughlin Youth Center
2600 Providence Drive
Anchorage, AK 99508
Phone: 907 261-4502
Intake Fax: 907 261-4555
Probation Fax: 907 261-4345

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Anchorage Region Probation Services

The Anchorage Regional Probation Office (ANC) covers the greater Anchorage Area north to the Eklutna Flats and South to Portage, Whittier, and Hope. The Anchorage office receives approximately 40% of the Alaska’s delinquency referrals annually. Given the size and diversity of Anchorage, the ARPO is divided into four units covering Intake, Supervision of North and East Anchorage, Supervision of South and West Anchorage, and the Behavior Health Unit.  Several smaller “sub-units” (Aftercare, the Female Intervention Unit, and Foster Care) exist to address specific supervision and treatment needs.

The Intake Unit provides diversion services for the majority of youth referred to this office.  If  the charge or circumstances of the case do not lend themselves to a diversion resolution, officers of this unit initiate a formal court process.


The North and South Field Probation Units work closely with the Anchorage School District and School Resource Officers from the Anchorage Police Department to enable probation officers to more closely track youth in their caseloads while allowing these youth to remain in their regular schools.
The Aftercare Program, a collaboration with McLaughlin Youth Center, assists and supports youth leaving institutional treatment with their adjustment back into their homes and communities.


A Gender Specific Unit provides specialized services for young women on probation. The officers in this unit recognize the uniqueness of our female clients and tailor rehabilitation efforts with this in mind.
The Behavior Health Unit provides specialized services for youth with significant mental health diagnoses by assisting with appropriate referrals and services to adequately address the needs of the youth.


The Anchorage Probation Office collaborates with the Anchorage Youth Court, Victim Impact Classes, treatment-focused supervision of substance abusing juveniles on probation, a family group therapy and coaching program, and a "pre-court" program tailored to the needs of the very youngest offenders (aged 9-11), helping to prevent these youth from having any further involvement in the juvenile justice system.  Once in the system we connect our youth with many services, supports and community agencies to help hold them accountable, built competencies and repair the harm they may have caused.