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Reporting Requirements if you receive Food Stamp Benefits:

Most Food Stamp households need to report only when their household’s total monthly income before taxes or deductions is more than the Food Stamp Monthly Gross Income Limit for their household size.

The Food Stamp Monthly Gross Income limits can be found on the Food Stamps web page. You may also contact your eligibility worker to get this information.

Report within 10 days of when you know your income goes over the limit. You may report changes to your eligibility worker by phone, letter, or a personal visit to a Public Assistance office near you. You may also report the change by completing a change report form and bringing it or mailing it to your local Public Assistance office.

There are penalties for not reporting this change or giving false information, including having to repay the benefits you got in error. You may also be prosecuted for fraud and disqualified from receiving Food Stamps.

If you receive benefits from Temporary Assistance, Adult Public Assistance, Medicaid, and Denali KidCare programs, the reporting requirements are different.

Click here for reporting requirements for these programs.

Information about reporting changes may also be obtained by calling the DPA Statewide Information Hotline (IVR) at 907-269-5777 (Anchorage) or 888-804-6330.