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Public Assistance
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Reporting Requirements if you Temporary Assistance, Adult Public Assistance, Medicaid, and Denali KidCare

Please report changes right away. If you receive Temporary Assistance, Adult Public Assistance, or Medicaid you must report changes within 10 days.

If a child moves out of your home and you are receiving Temporary Assistance you must report this change within 5 days.

If available, please provide proof of changes.

Report to us by phone, mail, or in person, if you or anyone in your household has any of the following changes:

If someone gets a pay raise, starts or stops working, starts or stops fishing, starts or stops a business, gets a decrease in rate of pay, changes job status from full-time to part-time or part-time to full-time.

Other Income:
Unearned income changes, if changes are over $50.00. Unearned income includes, but is not limited to: inheritance, child support, insurance settlements, unemployment benefits, worker’s compensation, social security and veteran’s benefits.

Child Support: Let us know if the amount you must pay for child support changes.

Money: Cash and bank accounts for yourself and others in your household totaling $2000 or more.

Address Changes: Any changes in your mailing address, where you live, and telephone number. If you move, report new rent and utility costs.

Who Lives With You? If anyone in your household becomes pregnant or has given birth, someone moves into or out of your home.

Vehicles: If you or anyone in your household gets a vehicle.

Do you receive Medical Assistance? You must tell us if you or anyone in your household starts or ends medical insurance, and changes in pregnancy status

Do you receive Adult Public Assistance or related Medicaid? You must tell us if you have any changes, including changes in employment and income.

Click here for reporting requirements for Food Stamps.

Information about reporting changes may also be obtained by calling the DPA Statewide Information Hotline (IVR) at 907-269-5777 (Anchorage) or 888-804-6330.