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Email HAP Staff at:
Phone: 1-800-470-3058
(907) 465-3058 (Juneau)

Fax: (907) 465-3319
Toll Free Fax: 1-888-282-3319

10002 Glacier Highway, Ste 200
Juneau, AK 99801-8569

Benefit Information Hotline:
(Outside Anchorage)

(907) 269-5777 (In Anchorage)

FY 2017 Income Guidelines
​# of
in Home
​1 ​$1,855
​2 ​$2,502
​3 ​$3,150
​4 ​$3,797
​5 ​$4,445
​6 ​$5,092
​7 ​$5,740
​8 ​$6,390
​9 ​$7,040
​10 ​$7,690
​11 ​$8,340
​12 ​$8,990
​13 ​$9,640
​14 ​$10,290
​15 ​$10,940
​16 ​$11,590
​17 ​$12,240
​18 ​$12,890

Heating Assistance News

Heating Assistance Program budget changes

In the FY 2017 budget, one of the programs that was eliminated to help balance the State budget is the Alaska Affordable Heating Program (AKAHP).  This is the state-funded heating assistance program targeted to assist households with income 151% to 225% of the federal poverty income guidelines.  While this cut will impact a small percentage of residents participating in the Heating Assistance Program, the majority of Alaskans will still qualify for assistance under the federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).  LIHEAP households will see their benefits reduced by approximately 30% because AKAHP funds were used to supplement LIHEAP funding.  Lower fuel prices should lessen the impact of these cuts.  

More information on eligibility and other Heating Assistance information is available on our homepage.

The State is making every effort to notify impacted households of this change while people can still plan ahead and develop a strategy for how they are going to make up for these lost or reduced benefits.  Letters are being mailed to state clients, notices are being sent to vendors and social agencies, posters informing residents of the change and encouraging them to plan ahead are being distributed and posted at local DPA offices, vendor locations, social agencies, and grocery stores.  

Now is the time to plan for winter heating costs and to take action. The state recommends that clients contact their vendor and ask about signing up for a budget or equal payment plan, seal up air leaks and apply for weatherization, put a little money aside each week to pay for winter fuel, and plan on using some of their PFD for energy costs.   Residents are also encouraged to contact 211, a statewide social agency hotline, to see if there are additional resources available to them locally.  Individuals may qualify for free weatherization. 

To inquire about free weatherization, classes on energy saving measures, and where to find energy saving tips, please visit AHFC's "Weatherization at No-Cost" page.