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Food Storage Tips

View the table below for more information about produce, storage requirements, availability, and other information about approved WIC foods at Farmers’ Markets.

Fruit Storage Availability Miscellaneous
Asparagus Refrigerate - 4 days June Store in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Either, wrap the stem ends in a wet paper towel and put the asparagus in a plastic bag or stand them up with the stem ends in a little water. Use it quickly, it does not benefit from storage.
Blueberries Refrigerate - 2-4 days July - Sept Refrigerate unwashed in a covered container.
Broccoli Refrigerate - 3 days mid June - Sept Store unwashed broccoli in a plastic bag in the crisper.
Carrots Refrigerate - 2 weeks mid July - Sept Remove the green tops and store the carrots unwashed in a plastic bag.
Cauliflower Refrigerate - a week Early July - Sept Refrigerate unwashed cauliflower in a plastic bag in the crisper. Using it as soon as possible is recommended as old cauliflower gives off a strong taste and smell.
Celery Refrigerate - 2 weeks Late July - Sept Sprinkle celery with water to retard wilting and store in the refrigerator in a plastic container.
Cucumbers Refrigerate - a week May - Sept Refrigerate either cut or whole, in a plastic bag. Unpeeled, it will last for a week.
Cabbage Refrigerate - a week July - Sept Refrigerate unwashed cabbage in a plastic bag in the crisper. Unwashed and uncut it keeps up to a week in the refrigerator.
Green Onions (scallions) Refrigerate - 5 days July - Sept Store green onions in the refrigerator, unwashed. Use as soon as possible, they are fairly perishable. 
Head Lettuce Refrigerate - a week June - Sept Core, rinse lightly, and drain thoroughly before storing in the refrigerator crisper in a tightly closed bag or container. Precut lettuce last several days, whole lettuce will last a week or so.
Leafy Greens Refrigerate - 3 -5 days June - Sept Leafy greens should be refrigerated in a plastic bag immediately after buying. They need some moisture but must not be kept wet.
Onions Room Temp. or Refr. - weeks July - Sept Store in a cool, dry, dark place with good air circulation in a loosely woven bag, basket, or crate. Refrigerate cut onions in a covered container.
Potatoes Room Temp. - 2 months July - Sept Store in a cool, dry, dark place. Avoid refrigeration, as it may alter taste.  Keep away from the light; it may create a bitter taste.
Radishes Refrigerate - up to 2 weeks June - Sept Sprinkle with water, then store in the refrigerator to keep them crisp.
Rhubarb Refrigerate - up to 2 weeks June - Sept Remove green tops and store rhubarb stalks unwashed in refrigerator.
Strawberries/ Raspberries Refrigerate - 1-2 days mid June - August Strawberries and raspberries do not ripen after they are picked , so enjoy them right away. Do not get them wet; wash only just before serving.
Summer Squash Refrigerate - 2 weeks July - Sept Refrigerate unwashed in a plastic bag with holes pierced in it or in the crisper.
Sweet Corn Consume as soon as possible August Sweet corn is highly perishable. Keep refrigerated
Sweet/hot peppers Refrigerate - 1 week June - Sept All peppers should be stored in plastic bags in the refrigerator.
Tomatoes Room Temp. or Refr. - Varies May - Sept Never refrigerate whole tomatoes. Refrigerate cut tomatoes, though this will hurt their flavor. Store at room temperature until ripe, then eat immediately.