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Policy and Procedures

Download the Policy and Procedures manual by selecting a chapter below:

Chapter 1
Eligibility, Certification and Coordination of Services

Chapter 2
Nutrition Services

Chapter 3
Supplemental Foods

Chapter 4
Food Delivery System and Warrant Accountability and Control

Chapter 5
(This section intentionally left blank)

Chapter 6
Local Agency Monitoring

Chapter 7
Nutrition Services & Administration Expenditures & Local Agency Reports

Chapter 8
Caseload Management


(1.2 MB)

Vendor Manual (draft: February 2016)
The Alaska WIC Vendor Manual is designed as a tool to help vendors (stores) operate in compliance with Federal regulations when handling WIC transactions.

WIC Nutrition Risk Criteria Manual

(137 KB)
WIC Nutrition Reports Technical Document

(2.1 MB)
5 A Day Food Demonstration Training Manual

(137 KB)
The Nutrition Service Standards (NSS)
The NSS serve as a standard tool for measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the WIC State and local agency nutrition services operations.

(1.1 MB)

Alaska WIC Breast Pump Handbook for Local Agencies

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