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  • Nutrition Care Plan:

    The Nutrition Care Plans (NCPs) are focused to determine nutrition education topics and issues important to the participant. The goals of the NCP are to:

    • Provide a reference for suggested appropriate interventions for each risk.
    • Guide the CPA’s method of obtaining additional information from a participant regarding their risk(s).
    • Further explore “where the participant is” in regard to their risk factor(s) and assessing readiness for change related to each risk.
    • Identify counseling and education strategies and resources that are appropriate for the participant based on their stage of change in regards to the risk topic.
    • Identify key referrals that should be considered for the risk(s).
    • Remind CPA’s to document participant’s goals and plans for participant follow-up.
  • High Risk Case Studies: When your client has a special need, refer to an appropriate case study for guidance in developing your nutrition care plan.

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