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WIC Income Guidelines


Would you like to see your hard earned dollars take you further each month while improving the health of your family? WIC offers free healthy food you can pick up each month at the grocery store.

WIC also offers nutrition information and ideas to spice up your daily meals. To qualify for the WIC program, you need to be:

  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • Just had a baby
  • Have a child under the age of five
  • Meet income eligibility
  • Have a nutritional need

Fathers and grandparents are welcome and encouraged to bring their natural or foster children to see if they qualify for services.

If you or your children are income eligible for Food Stamps, Medicaid, Denali Kid Care, School Lunch or Head Start and Alaska Temporary Assistance Program (ATAP) then your income meets WIC guidelines.

2018-2019 Guidelines

WIC Income Eligibility Guidelines (for Alaska)
(Effective from July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019)

  • WIC calculates eligibility based on gross income before taxes are taken out.
  • Total income includes all of your family's PFDs.
  • When pregnant, your unborn child counts as a family member.

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