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Recipes: Simple and Delicious

Making nutritious meals every day is as easy as pie with these great recipes.

Our Healthy Alaska recipe collection consists of favorites contributed by Alaskans from our cities, towns and the Bush. Many contain Alaskan ingredients such as salmon, wild berries, moose and other favorites. Information is provided on nutritional content for most of the recipes. Many have "light" versions, with reduced fat, sugar and/or salt. If you have a favorite healthy Alaskan recipe to contribute to this site, contact us to send it in. Your fellow Alaskans always like new recipes.

To view new recipes using WIC foods, see the cookbook: WIC Cookbook - Cook With Your Children While Using WIC Foods (this is a 7 MB PDF file and may take a while to load). This cookbook is contributed by the Resource Center for Parent's and Children's WIC Program.

Need recipes for your farmer's market vegetables? Try the recipes for farmer's market foods developed by the Municipality of Anchorage WIC Program.

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