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Alaska WIC Vendor Manual

Stores authorized as WIC vendors must comply with federal and state regulations, policies and procedures. Vendor management should be familiar with all information in the WIC Vendor Manual.

The Alaska WIC Program has made significant changes to vendor related requirements and procedures since 2012 in response to new federal rules, and due to implementation of the SPIRIT management information system and a new banking contract.  The Draft Alaska WIC Vendor Manual incorporates all of the changes to the program through 2015.

The Vendor Manual will be updated periodically with any new changes to the program, including any related to the implementation of electronic banking (EBT) in 2017.  Updates to the Vendor Manual will be noticed on this website, and a Notice of Significant Changes will be provided to all authorized vendors when there is a change to policies or requirements that will affect vendors.

DRAFT Alaska WIC Vendor Manual - February 2016

DRAFT Alaska WIC Vendor Manual Appendices listed below:
Appendix A - Directory of WIC Local Agencies
Appendix B1 - Current Approved Food List
Appendix C-1 - Minimum Stock Requirements - Schedule C (SC and UA)
Appendix C-2 - Minimum Stock Requirements - Schedule A (MC, RC and RR)
Appendix D - Peer Group Descriptions
Appendix E - Penalty & Sanction Schedule
Appendix F - Administrative Review Process
Appendix G - WIC Bookkeeper Tips
Appendix H - Infant Formula Approved Suppliers List

DRAFT Alaska WIC Vendor Manual Forms ​listed below:

Form 001 - Vendor Application
Form 002 - Vendor Agreement
Form 003 - Agent Authorized to Act for Vendor
Form 004 - Banking Form
Form 006 - WIC Food Exemption Request Form
Form 008 - WIC Vendor Supplies Order
Form 009 - WIC Program Complaint Form
Form 010 - Request for Retraining
Form 012 - WIC Check Appeal Request Form

Please contact the WIC Vendor Management Unit at (907) 465-3100 for more information.




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