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Vendor Training

All authorized WIC vendors are required to receive training regularly. Annual training may be provided by newsletters or correspondence. When first authorized, and then at least once every three years, vendors must receive interactive training; this can be in person at the store, at a conference or via teleconference. The State WIC agency provides different types of training, including a video for cashiers on how to process WIC transactions, and power point presentations on various WIC topics; see the links below.

WIC Vendor Training Video

Alaska WIC Training for Vendors from AlaskaDHSS on Vimeo.

Learn to accept WIC warrants efficiently and properly!

Fruit and Vegetable Vouchers

Accepting Fruit and Vegetable Vouchers from AlaskaDHSS on Vimeo.

Learn how to properly accept fruit and vegetable vouchers from the Alaska WIC program.

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