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Senior Benefits Program

July 1, 2019 - Under the FY 2020 budget signed by Governor Dunleavy, the Alaska Senior Benefits Payment Program will end July 1 and payments for FY2020 will not occur.
It should be noted that the Alaska Senior Benefits Payment Program is the most current iteration of the original Longevity Bonus Program which was established in 1972 and discontinued in 2003, due to budget constraints. In 2004, the Senior Assistance Program was established as a short-term temporary program to assist seniors as a bridge to the enactment of the federal Medicare Part D program. The payment program was re-authorized in 2007, when its name was officially changed to the Alaska Senior Benefits Payment Program. The program has existed in its current form with modifications to the eligibility and income requirements.
The Alaska Senior Benefits Payment Program pays monthly cash benefits to Alaskans who are age 65 or older and have low to moderate income. Payment levels depend on available state funding and how many people apply and qualify for the program. Eligibility and payment amount is based on gross annual income. Assets, such as savings, are not counted as part of the eligibility determination. There are approximately 11,320 recipients currently receiving cash benefits across three tiers.
With the state facing the challenge of aligning current state revenues with state expenditures, this program is being eliminated to contain costs and reduce dependence of individuals on state funds. Repealing the Senior Benefits Payment program will reduce the administrative and financial burden on state resources.

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