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Key Initiatives




Program Contacts

Diabetes Prevention & Control
3601 C Street, Suite 722
Anchorage, AK 99503

Mary Schneider, BS, REHS
Program Manager
Phone: 907-269-3454
Fax: 907-269-5446

Diabetes Partnerships

Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) Umbrella License

The State of Alaska has a DSME umbrella license which allows our office to help your organization obtain American Diabetes Association (ADA) recognition for your DSME program. We waive the fee for the ADA recognition process. Our goal is to have consistent programs throughout the state, lower the administrative burden to your organization, increase access to DSME programs, and help your program get reimbursement for DSME services.

To learn more about this process see the documents below:

If you are a recognized program, but would like to transfer recognition, you may also do this (read more).

Our current partners include:

Bartlett Regional Hospital 

Sitka Community Hospital 

Southcentral Foundation 

Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) Advisory Group

The State of Alaska has a DSME umbrella license which allows our office to help organizations obtain American Diabetes Association (ADA) recognition for their DSME program. One of our duties via this recognition is the creation of the State of Alaska-DSME advisory group. Some of the things we discuss are: referrals for DSME, access to DSME classes, DSME curriculum revisions, and DSME quality improvement projects. Our advisory group is made up by providers, administrative staff, and clients. We welcome new members for the advisory group which meets every two to three months via teleconference. If you would like to participate in this advisory group or would like more information about this group, please e-mail

Increasing Education on Diabetes to Healthcare Extenders

Diabetes Certificate Program for Pharmacists - The State of Alaska has received a grant to improve diabetes prevalence for the state. In an effort to provide more education for other healthcare providers the State is working together with the Alaska Pharmacists Association to provide the Diabetes Certificate Program.

To learn more information about this program,
please e-mail or
visit their website at:

Increasing Diabetes/Pre-Diabetes Awareness, One Community at a Time

The State of Alaska works together with other organizations to increase diabetes and pre-diabetes awareness to communities throughout the state. Our focus is population health, improving health outcomes for the general public.

Our current list of organizations are:


If you would like to learn about our current projects, please e-mail: