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Alaska Fall-Related Injury Prevention


Alaska Adult Falls Prevention - 2015 Radio Message

Listen to our newest Public Service Announcement (PSA)* about adult falls and how you can prevent them>

For more information about physical activity options that can help prevent falls check with your local Senior Center.

Link to this helpful website for info on:

Staying Active:

New STEADI Older Adult Fall Prevention
Online Training for Providers

STEADI older adult fall prevention online training for providers 


"Broken hips and head injuries can have life altering effects, especially for older adults. But no matter how old you are, it's important to be physically active to prevent injuries. Activity can also increasing your strength, balance, and can be done at ANY age. Ask your healthcare provider about activities that will improve your health.

Learn more about starting a new activity at InjuryPrevention-dot-alaska-dot-gov ( This message sponsored by Alaska Department of Health and Social Services."

Important News for Alaskans with Medicare:

Fall-risk Assessment for Medicare Beneficiaries

Maintaining your personal independence keeps you in control.  Ask your Medicare provider for your fall-risk assessment, as part of your Welcome or Annual Wellness Visit

You may be asked about your:

  • medications
  • vision
  • balance/gait
  • safety items in your home
  • regular exercise

"Stay fit, stay healthy, stay independent." Watch the 30 second PSA about Fall Risk Assessments for Medicare beneficiaries, featuring Chief Medical Officer for Alaska, Ward Hurlburt, M.D., MPH 

Medicare Fall Risk Assessment

(download script):

Go to Medicare.Gov or ask your provider for more info>


The following are some ways you can help prevent falls (*check with your provider to see if these options are right for you):

  • Download this helpful guide:

Workout To Go 

pdf Workout To Go for Alaskans! (1.5mb)

Link to these helpful websites for info on: