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Fire Safety facts and suggestions



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Burns and Fire-Related Injury Prevention


Nationally, the number of dormitory-style housing fires has increased by 3%.

A fire at Princeton University in the year 2000 took only 17 minutes to kill 3 people and injure dozens.  View their fire safety presentation.

  • When looking for housing, look for sprinklers in all areas of the building.
  • Make sure there are smoke alarms inside each bedroom and outside each sleeping area on each level or floor.
  • Know at least 2 exits out of every room you are in.
  • Candles can create a disaster.  They are strictly prohibited in some facilities.
  • Some facilities allow only approved types of furniture and appliances, so check first.
  • Free-hanging decorations and curtains should be minimized.
  • Keep paper products at a minimum. Throw out piles of newspapers and magazines.
  • Never re-heat pizza in the box.
  • Don't hang anything from a sprinkler head