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Fire Safety facts and suggestions



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Burns and Fire-Related Injury Prevention

Your Home


  • Unattended cooking is the #1 cause of home fires in Alaska.
  • Keep loose sleeves and long hair away from burners.
  • Grease burns!  Use a lid or large pan to smother a  grease fire and turn off the burner. Don't use water to put out a grease fire.
  • Keep the handles of pots and pans turned sideways on the stove to avoid pulling the pan onto the floor.
  • Teach children how to cook safely.    


  • Most common room where electrical fires begin. Children playing with matches often start fires in bedrooms and closets. Most fatal fires occur at night when people are sleeping.
  • NEVER smoke in bed. Smoking materials are the leading cause of fire deaths in the United States.  Learn more about Alaska's new Fire Cigarette Law. 
  • Keep space heaters at least 3 feet away from anything that burns.
  • Mattresses made after 2007 meet the Federal Mattress Flammability Standard and are safer.
  • Don't trap electrical cords next to a wall where they can build up heat.
  • Turn electric blankets and heating pads off before you get out of bed.


Living Room

  • Learn more about wood, kerosene and space heater safety.
  • Lit candles are small fires. Treat them as such.  Never leave them unattended.
  • The 5 most dangerous days for candle fires are Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Year's Day, New Year's Eve and Halloween.
  • Use deep trays/holders for candles to catch hot melting wax of candles and for smoking.
  • Many electrical fires are due to overloading electrical outlets, overloading extension cord ratings and running cords under rugs. Unplug appliances when not in use. This will also save electricity costs.
  • Extension cords are designed for temporary use only.
  • Keep the air vents to electronic devices clear, e.g., computers, as they build up considerable heat.


  • The average garage or storage shed contains between three and 10 gallons of hazardous waste. 
  • This includes supplies for gardening, vehicle maintenance, grilling, home maintenance and lawn care. 
  • If your garage is connected to your house, keep the (fire-rated) door closed.
  • Nationally, one in every 8 fire deaths is caused by a car fire.  Get away from burning vehicles because tires, batteries and air bags can explode and toxic gases are emitted from many burning parts of a vehicle.


  • Learn more about Fire-safe Landscaping.
  • Keep firewood stacks at least 30 feet from your house.
  • Eliminate small trees and bushes growing under large trees.
  • Keep shrubs at least 20 feet from structures.
  • Keep all flammables in approved containers.
  • Have water or an extinguisher near-by if burning in your yard.