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Fire Safety facts and suggestions



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Burns and Fire-Related Injury Prevention


  • Fact Sheet: Tips for staying safe this holiday season
  • Water a live Christmas tree daily. Learn more about Christmas tree fire hazards — includes a video clip.
  • Use UL approved lights and turn them off when you're not in room.
  • Bounce the tree on the ground.  If needles fall off it is dried out.
  • Keep some space between your tree and a heat source, e.g., fireplace, heater.
  • Recycle your tree after the holidays. Putting branches in your fireplace can be hazardous.
  • Learn more excellent tips about holiday fire safety.
  • Never fill kerosene heaters when they are hot.
  • Have your house chimney cleaned regularly.
  • Wood stoves should have adequate clearance (e.g., 36") from combustible surfaces.
  • Keep discarded ashes in a metal container.
  • Keep fire hydrants clear of snow so they can be seen and used when necessary.
  • In Haunted Houses at Halloween, No Smoking signs should be posted.
  • Use flame retardant materials in curtains and other decorative materials.
  • Install smoke alarms in Haunted Houses even if only used for a week or two.
  • Leave a fire lane outside for a fire truck if needed.
  • Fireworks can cause property fires, human burns, lacerations and even death.