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Bike-n-Walk Safely Alaska! 
Alaska's Reflector Program

Have a Happy Halloween!

Jack-o-lanterns lit up with candles, one reads: Trick or TreatIt's that time of year again where some children head out outside to collect as many prized treats as they can. This is an especially dark and cold time of year for Alaskans which brings up many safety concerns for children trick or treating outside. Here are some Halloween safety tips for both adults and children during this exciting time.

  • Make sure that both children and adults are visible to cars. Wear plenty of reflectors, and carry glow sticks or flashlights. No child under the age of twelve should trick or treat alone and all children should go in groups.
  • Dress children based on the weather conditions and in light colored costumes. Don’t allow children to wear heavy face makeup or masks so to not obstruct their vision.
  • Remind children to look both ways before crossing a street and make sure all drivers’ see them by making clear eye contact. Never walk behind a car backing up or go between parked cars.
  • Always walk in the direction that traffic is moving and stay as far to the left as possible.

Halloween is a great and fun time of year to talk and practice with children the importance of Bike-n-Walk Safely Alaska! 

This program works to increase the safety of children by using reflective, high-visibility products.

Each year, vehicles kill an estimated 5,700 pedestrians; one out of seven of those are children. In Alaska, darkness descends early in fall and winter months. A child walking during darkness or in low light conditions wearing dark colors is first seen approximately 55 ft. away. This gives a driver less than one-second of reaction time.

About the Program

In 2002, the section adopted the reflector activity from the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium — Injury Prevention Program. Using iron-on reflective tape, the reflector program puts reflective tape in designs on outerwear. The Alaska reflector program offers education on pedestrian safety using handouts and demonstrations, as well as providing reflectors for outdoor clothing.


Elementary School
Poster (11" x 17")
Flyer (8.5" x 11")

Teen & Parent
Poster (11" x 17")
Flyer (8.5" x 11")



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