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Obesity Prevention -
Early Care and Education

Young boy and girl in preschool wearing wolf hats made of construction paper. 

In Alaska, 37% of 3-year-olds are overweight or obese.[1] The Obesity Prevention and Control Program works with early care and education (ECE) programs and partners to help Alaska’s young children (birth to 5 years old) grow up at a healthy weight. Eating healthy and being physically active helps prevent chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Let’s Move! Child Care recommends addressing 5 areas to improve the ECE nutrition and physical activity environment:

  • Nurture healthy eaters
  • Provide healthy beverages
  • Get kids moving
  • Reduce screen time, including TV, computers & hand-held devices
  • Support breastfeeding


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For more information about OPCP Community Nutrition, please email Diane Peck, MPH, RDN or call 907-269-8447.



  1. Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Section of Women’s, Children’s and Family Health. Alaska CUBS (Childhood Understanding Behaviors Survey) Results – Health & Development Data Sheet. 2013.