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Healthy Food Initiative 

Partnering with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium to increase healthy foods and beverages through their Campus Healthy Food (CHeF) Project

What we eat and drink impacts our health, but we tend to eat what’s readily available. Making healthy food and beverages available in public places lets families, employees, patients, and children eat ​healthy, and helps prevent weight gain and diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

From vending machines to cafeterias, food in the workplace can come from a variety of sources. With the average American consuming more than one-third of their calories through foods prepared away from home, organizations across Alaska and the country are realizing that the foods and beverages they offer at their work sites provide a significant opportunity to promote and improve employee health.

We are working with a local community partner, the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC), to increase the availability and promotion of healthy food and beverage options for staff and patients on the Alaska Native Health Campus in Anchorage.  The Campus Healthy Food — or CheF — project is a five-year partnership funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It aims to ensure that patients, their families and all the people who care for them have meal options that meet high standards for nutrition, labeling and marketing.

Benefits of partnering with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium: 

  • ANTHC is a large employer, with more than 3,000 employees on the campus, and serves over 166,000 Alaska Native and American Indian people living in Alaska.
  • ANTHC has a commitment to promoting healthy and traditional foods​. Outreach conducted by project staff suggests there is also strong support from employees for having healthy food options on campus.
  • The Alaska Native Health Campus includes the Alaska Native Medical Center, patient housing, and a child care center, as well as clinics and buildings operated by ANTHC and Southcentral Foundation. The CheF project will initially increase healthy food options in cafes, coffee shops, and vending machines operated solely by ANTHC.


For more information about the Physical Activity and Nutrition (PAN) program’s Healthy Food Initiative, please email: Lauren Kelsey, MPH or call (907) 269-8165.


Webpage updated January 2021